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General information about the Chilean Scientific Antarctic Program

The Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) is the entity that’s in charge of developing our Scientific Antarctic Program and is located in Punta Arenas. The Antarctic Laboratory “Ambassador Jorge Berguño Barnes” is one of the most important scientific platforms in the Magallanes Region, offering new opportunities for polar investigation. The Government of Chile has announced the future construction of an International Antarctic Centre in Punta Arenas. The Centre will have laboratories, offices, and logistical facilities to attend the needs of other national programs, enhancing cooperation within the international scientific community.
The Chilean Scientific Antarctic Program also has a number of logistical platforms dedicated to scientific research, most is in the Antarctic Peninsula. To present the results of all the scientific activity undertaken by Chile in Antarctica, INACH has launched the publication ILAIA.

To see the last edition of ILAIA, please enter the following link: