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Chilean scientific stations in Antarctica

Chile has stations in different parts of the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland archipelago region. These stations, administered by the Chilean Antarctic operators –Chilean Antarctic Institute, Army, Navy and Air Force of Chile–, are small windows that open to an increasingly captivating world, full of opportunities and answers to the puzzles that intrigue contemporary science. The Prat, O’Higgins and Frei Stations, and Fildes Bay Maritime Station, operate throughout the year, while the other stations do so from November to April each year.

Since 1947, Chile has made a sustained effort to explore and discover the White Continent, which has involved the construction of various facilities. Currently, the vast majority of them have laboratories to support scientific work. This has helped to build an axis for Polar science of over 3,000 km long, from the INACH Antarctic Laboratory Building in Punta Arenas to the Joint Scientific Polar Station Union Glacier, the Chilean station closest to the South Pole.

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