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26 de January de 2016

Regional Authorities greet the Antarctic School Expedition

The Governor of Magallanes, Paola Fernández, and the Secretary of Education, Margaret Makuc, arrived directly at the premises of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) to obtain firsthand knowledge of the work presented by the young winners of the Antarctic School Fair (FAE) and bid them farewell on their journey to the White Continent.

Fernández congratulated both teachers and students that will take part in this expedition, and wished them success in this experience. “It is very important to us as the Region of Magallanes, to be able to find time for these encounters with science, in particular considering the geographical location we have as a city which allows us to do so.”

In addition, the regional authority stated that it is very positive as well as interesting that schools encourage their students to participate in initiatives like this one, because it is what we need to move forward towards development. “We have decided for some time now, to implement a plan that increasingly seeks to create a more scientific oriented region, which means more infrastructure, but also enhancing these instances” said Fernández.

Carlos Bravo, professor of biology at school Pumahue of Puerto Montt, explained that he is fulfilling a lifelong dream by being a part of the Antarctic Expedition School (EAE). “It’s really a dream to be part of the expedition after participating for about ten years in the Antarctic School Fair and never being able to reach the goal of going to Antarctica; now it is finally a dream come true.”

“The experience so far has no comparison and we haven’t even reached Antarctica yet. Not everyone can say that they are traveling to the White Continent, that’s why it’s so impressive. I really think the FAE brings together students from all over Chile and further promotes science among young people. Thiare Bravo, high school student of Santa Marta de Talca, expressed that “My expectation is to discover many new things, and share them with the rest of the group “.

Also, Madeline Moore said she was “very excited to travel to Antarctica and see the penguins. I definitely believe that initiatives like this help to get more young people interested and studying science. I’m one of them.” Madeline is part of a group of four students and two teachers from the United States invited to participate in this expedition thanks to the joint work between the INACH and US Antarctic Program.

Students will remain at least six days in the Antarctic continent and will visit the Russian Station “Bellingshausen”, the Chinese Station “Great Wall” and the Uruguayan Station “Artigas”, where they will have the opportunity to present their projects.

Before embarking on the journey to Antarctica, participants of the EAE XII, gathered in the main square of Punta Arenas for the official photo.