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15 de January de 2016

“Antarctic Art of Bulgaria and Chile” opens in Punta Arenas.

The exhibition “Antarctic Art of Bulgaria and Chile”, organized by the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute (BAI) and the University of Magallanes, opened to the public with great success at “The Gallery”, in the southern city of Punta Arenas, Chile.

The artworks on display belong to the Bulgarian project “Eco Antarctica” and the Chilean project “Antarctic Bestiary”. Paola Vezzani, Chilean sculptor and academic at the University of Magallanes, said she is honoured to have this exhibition as the first activity of “The Gallery”, which she leads, and she is also grateful for the excellent turnout at the opening of this exhibition.

“One way to bring Antarctica to the general public is through culture and the arts, and it can certainly be transformed into topics of discussion, where we are able to look the White Continent from different perspectives, not only the scientific one, but also with all the contributions that can be made to Mankind”, said Vezzani.

The Bulgarian consul in Punta Arenas, Andrés Pivcevic, was also present and was happy to see initiatives of this nature. Pivcevic stressed how relevant Bulgaria has been on the Antarctic continent considering the size of the country, which somehow has resulted in several places in Antarctica being baptized with Bulgarian names.

The Bulgarian Antarctic Institute is actively working to bring Antarctica to a wider audience and, in this sense, has worked with the National School of Fine Arts “Ilia Petrov” in Sofia (ENBA), one of the most prestigious art schools in Bulgaria. The “Eco Antarctica” project seeks to combine the aesthetic possibilities of contemporary art and current issues relating to the environment and the influence of human activities. These works were created over the past year and the best of them are exhibited this weekend in Punta Arenas, before their trip to the Bulgarian Antarctic base “St. Kliment Ohridski”, on Livingston Island.

Meanwhile, the “Antarctic Bestiary” project, created by Paola Vezzani and Oscar Barrientos and funded by Fondart, is an investigation that ended in texts and sculptures from the mythological beings that yesteryear populated the nautical charts.